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Our Story 

written by Corson Purnell

A Spooky Start

        Our story begins in the Fall of 2012 as sophomores in high school. Addie had just started at Highland Park after 10 years at Providence Christian School, and she was enjoying time outside of the classroom. While I  slugged through St. Mark’s, I  held a distant interest in the cute Addie after meeting her in person on Halloween night. Addie was dressed as a St. Mark’s cheerleader (extremely intriguing for a current St. Mark’s football player) and I costumed as a boxer. That night sparked a friendship that would not only last forever but would grow stronger than either of us thought imaginable.

Wicked Warm Feelings

        Throughout the rest of high school, Addie and I  were part of the same group of socialites, and we enjoyed hanging out as pals. However, I  harbored an intense crush on Addie, and sometimes let it show (to no avail). An example is when I  invited Addie to the hit musical Wicked as my date. Accepting the ticket, Addie joined me, my sister, my mother, and my grandmother for dinner at Amoré before the “Popular” musical. Although no kisses, hugs, or handholds took place, I  considered the date night an overwhelming success. Addie enjoyed the free show! Addie and I  continued to stay good friends while heading off to college.

College and Christmas

        Addie headed south to Waco to be the cutest Kappa ever at Baylor University while I  headed to Washington & Lee University in Virginia. For the first three years of college, our ties became slightly faded as we did not share the commitment to remain connected. However, as quickly as I  fell for Addie back in 2012, our connection re-ignited at a Christmas party in 2018 (Thank you, Avery!). I  wore an Elf costume and felt sort of silly; but then I  saw Addie dressed in a Mrs. Claus outfit. The Christmas Spirit drew us together, and from that moment on we remained in frequent (and flirty) contact.

Courting and Quarantine

        Many nights turned late with phone calls. We began to go on “platonic” dates (according to Addie) at the pool, park, or out to eat. When Covid stopped the world in March 2020, we would escape quarantine in Addie’s parent’s backyard making TikToks or my parent’s kitchen playing Rummikub. Soon, our conversations became deeper as our relationship grew more important. We shared similarities in our commitment to Faith, friendship, and family. We encountered differences in our love for football although Addie would learn to appreciate the Cowboys just the same. Our first few months as a couple was very fun and fast until we came to a speed bump...

Distantly Dating

        I  accepted a job in Denver, Colorado. Addie was about to begin her second year as a kindergarten teacher in Richardson, Texas. Instead of shying away from the long distance, we took it head-on. Through consistent communication, visits, and prayer, we managed the time-difference and grew stronger than ever. Finally, I  was able to transfer offices to Houston in May 2022, just as Addie finished up in Richardson and was about to begin a new job teaching at her alma mater Providence. With the traveling cut to just a 3-hour drive, we felt thankful and blessed to be closer together. It was around this time, that I  had enough of dating and…

She Said Yes!

        On July 23rd, 2022, I  asked Addie to marry me at Lake Cypress Springs, Texas. Always able to read me like a book, Addie admittedly anticipated that it was coming, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. The day was fantastic, surrounded by family on a beautiful (but hot!) Texas summer day. As an engaged couple, we continue to grow in Faith, gratitude, and fun together. Thank you for being a part of our lives and we can't wait to celebrate with you in June!

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